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Pastor Susan Stewart has served as Pastor of Otterbein United Methodist Church since July of 2015. 

In the year 1832, a church of the United Brethren in Christ was organized near Mowersville, Franklin County, Pennsylvania.  This is assumed to be the formal beginning of the Otterbein United Methodist Church.  The congregation soon felt a need for a house of worship and authorized their trustees, John Mower, Jacob Kreider and Joseph Mower to purchase land for the erection of a church. 

In May 1845, a tract of land was purchased from Henry Clippinger for use as "burying grounds".

Known as Mower's Church and Otterbein Chapel during its early history, a building of one large room and a vestibule was erected.  Worship was held regularly at that location.  On June 17, 1945, Otterbein Church observed the one hundredth anniversary of the building of the "old brick church".  Some years later, it was deemed necessary to expand for the present and the future.  Eight and one half acres of land, located across the road from the brick church, were purchased from John Cover.

Groundbreaking ceremonies were held on Sunday afternoon of February 26, 1956.  The cornerstone was laid in a service conducted by the late Dr. Paul E. Shannon and Reverend Roland E. Garvin on June 17, 1956.  Members and friends contributed many hours of labor, allowing for considerable savings.  The new, completed church building was dedicated on December 1, 1957, beginning a new tradition of worship and ministry.  Over the years, a number of improvements have been made to what has come to be known as Otterbein United Methodist Church.

Groundbreaking ceremonies were held on Sunday April 17th, 2011 for the next chapter at Otterbein United Methodist Church.  Reconsecration services were held on Sunday January 22, 2012 for the completion of the new addition and renovation.

Otterbein United Methodist Church
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